As people emerge from severe suffering and gain strength, confidence, and hope for the future they are then ready to engage their gifts in ways that can feed their families and add value to their communities. There are adequate resources in DR Congo to build enterprises that can support the Congolese people’s vision for their future. The key is to provide catalytic investment—both money and capacity-building—to help propel individuals into self-sustaining activity.

One group of widows emerged from the trauma healing program and joined together to plant beans. In 2013, they harvested their first crop. They are ready to acquire more land, plant additional crops, and continue to grow their farming operation. They are feeding their families and are now preparing to sell their harvest at the local market.

Another family started with a $2,000 investment to produce bricks. With their initial inventory they sold enough bricks to generate $12,000 and with the proceeds were able to pay the school fees for members of their family.