You may feel like a drop in the bucket, but every drop counts!

Create an event that will raise awareness and support in the lives for our Congolese brothers and sisters. Donate the proceeds to Restoring Hope Ministries.


Since Restoring Hope Ministries’ inception, the vision of our ministry has been much like the vision that appeared to the Apostle Paul in the night, where there stood a man of Macedonia saying “Come over to Macedonia and help us”. We were asked by the church in Dungu to help in restoring lives, training leaders, and developing sustainable solutions.

The Hope House will serve as the conduit to which the ministry work happens. As the Congolese move in a new direction after trauma healing, they are then trained up as entrepreneurs so that they can provide for their families and impact the trajectory of their lives, and the lives of their community.

Check out this video that captures the year in review and the dedication of the training center in Dungu.
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Meet Dr. Emile. He’s a local hero on the ground that runs the health clinic near the Hope House. Dr. Emile has a nurse’s degree but performs the work of a medical doctor by receiving instruction via text message from his mentor in Kinshasa on how to perform the procedure/surgery. Empowering local doctors and staff through additional training can help to restore health care and get individuals back to their jobs or school, with excellence.
Will you consider investing in additional training for partners like Dr. Emile?
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